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Just Like New Again

Don't wait until it's too late to get your gun repaired or cleaned professionally. If you don't check your firearms regularly, you run the risk of permanently damaging them or compromising their reliability when you need it the most. As you fire your gun, the barrel gradually builds up with deposits of carbon, much like in a car's exhaust system. When you bring your firearm into Darter's Gunsmithing in Wichita Falls, Texas, it's taken apart completely and all of the components are scrubbed, cleaned, and the carbon deposits are scraped out.

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The Results You Deserve

After being cleaned and repaired, your gun will be safer, more accurate, and more reliable the next time you fire it. Our owner was trained and accredited by an actual gunsmithing school, while many other firearm specialists are self-taught. We charge an hourly rate for each of these services. The rate for cleaning a gun is $10.00 an hour, and if you require machine work for your gun repair, we charge $40.00 an hour.